About ailsaandlisa

All the photos are © Lisa Williams and all poems and stories are © Ailsa Holland.


12 comments on “About ailsaandlisa”

  1. talented artists
    one makes pictures with a lens
    the other writes them

  2. Ooh, praise in haiku form! We like it…

  3. Which comes first? The photo or the poem?

  4. Well done girls!

  5. @ Rowan – Sometimes the photo comes first, sometimes the poem! It’s important to us though that the connection between the two isn’t too simple, so that photo and poem both stand alone, but also gain something from the juxtaposition…

    @ Lucy – Thanks!

  6. Wow, this collection of work incorporates so much it is poignant, beautiful, funny and and I’m looking forward to more, well done!

  7. Perfect balance, Ailsa and Lisa. Truly visionary photography and enticing expression of words! Well done!

  8. Just discovered your beautiful site, and look forward to exploring it

  9. Your monthly poems are the highlight of my inbox. Love them!

  10. wonderful ‘stuff’

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