By: ailsaandlisa

Dec 30 2014


Category: free verse, poem


We were going to change the world this year
or at least drink more green tea.
Now, here we are, at the end,
just learning again
what light means,
chasing the sun up a hill
when the town is already dusk.

Maybe the world doesn’t, we don’t
need changing in the way
that we would do it,
so we stand on a windy summit
in the last few minutes of the year
naming the view
and thinking of snow.


The twelfth poem by Ailsa Holland as Tegg’s Nose Poet in Residence for 2014. Photo by Tegg’s Nose Ranger Martin James.


2 comments on “December”

  1. it must be a year since I browsed through your work. It is always an inspiration so I cant think why it took me so long. Here (USA) it is Thanksgiving tomorrow, thank you for those lines especially “Just learning again/ what light means”.

    • How wonderful to think of my poem being read across the Atlantic! 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind words. Hope you enjoy the light today and have a lovely Thanksgiving. x

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