By: ailsaandlisa

Oct 01 2014


Category: free verse, poem


Summer comes back wearing a new jacket,
grins, offers to give things another go,
beckons us outside again, into the hills.

We put on our t-shirts and sunglasses,
queue by the Granelli’s van, buy posh 99s
with waffle cones and red sauce.

Fairies gather in the woods in pink
sequined dresses and sensible footwear
to toast marshmallows, build houses, dance

and goretexed folk the wrong side of 40
are surprised to feel quite happy while
climbing a rock face, jump-hopping down.

We stand in the sun, hope this time it will stay
but the heat on our faces is not from flames
but from embers. We know it, the birds know it

and the ranger begins to cut out scrub,
heaps the arisings and brash into habitats
in which small things can overwinter.


The ninth poem written by Ailsa Holland as Poet in Residence 2014 at Tegg’s Nose Country Park, Cheshire. Photo by John Moorby.


4 comments on “September”

  1. What a picture you have painted of the last days of a glorious summer and the joys of Autumn to come

  2. I love this poem Ailsa – thank you.

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