By: ailsaandlisa

Aug 05 2013

Category: free verse, poem

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I could say that your smile
was like the light on May morning
or those New Year firecrackers
or my favourite book

and it would be the sort of thing
you’d expect me to write,
this being a poem;
but if I’m honest

(and why not?)
it was actually
like nothing else,
before or since.

Sometimes I still see it,
nesting in the heronry at Macc Forest;
slung, lopsided, in the disc at Jodrell Bank;
or suspended

under the perfect arch
of the bridge at Three Shires Head
where the moorland water spills
over mossy stones, and is gone.


One comment on “Alice”

  1. You’ve had a productive day. Amazing what one can achieve when left alone for a bit!

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