The Twins

By: ailsaandlisa

Oct 04 2012

Category: free verse, poem


They say Is it true
we’re made of stardust?

She laughs and says
That’s a very poetic way
of putting it but yes,
the elements in our bodies
did originate from stars.

They run off, giggling.
That will have to do, for now.

They are too young to know
that she looks in at night
and sees them,
out-of-this-world asleep
and shining, burning.


4 comments on “The Twins”

  1. A poem for National Poetry Day 2012, with its theme of ‘Stars’. [Ailsa]

  2. Beautiful – and I can pretend it’s me 🙂

  3. If you like it, it _is_ you! xx

  4. Hope that I shine down one day too!

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