By: ailsaandlisa

Oct 04 2012

Category: free verse, poem


Walking through the garden after bedtime
when the sky had thrown off its covers,
he said

You wouldn’t think
there’d be so many stars
above Macclesfield.

They sat on the blue bench
and hinged their necks
to seek out constellations.

He saw a Scalextric track and a lighthouse;
she spotted a cadenza and an unread book.

Later, in the warm, they invented new shapes –
the Tree, the Spider’s Web, the Mug of Tea –

and traced them on each other’s backs,
their glowing fingers making lines

that lit up
in the dark


3 comments on “Celestial”

  1. A poem for National Poetry Day 2012, with its theme of ‘Stars’. [Ailsa]

  2. Months ago I found your site. Then I forgot your names and couldn’t locate it again. Yesterday I was indoors all day and at last, here it is, I have just had a wonderful hour reading and looking. Thankyou.

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