Make Do and Mend

By: ailsaandlisa

Jun 27 2012

Category: poem


There was a well-loved bicycle that woke
in early March to find that it had lost
a wheel. It waited to be mended, but
days passed and no-one came. Despondency

set in, and so the bike lay motionless,
and waited for the rust. But Spring arrived
with long light days and suddenly the bike
wanted to get into the sunny green.

It held onto the workbench, heaved itself
upright and tried to balance on its front
wheel, like a circus dog. It teetered round
the garage as though pedalled by a clown.

Each time it fell it gained another dent.
One day in May it was amazed to find
it didn’t fall. The unicycle rammed
into the door and headed for the hills,

its wobbling now limited to steep
inclines and sharpish corners. Coming home
at dusk it rang its bell and sashayed round
the workshop like a peacock in full show.

Refashioning itself made some parts spare.
At dead of night it tore them off its frame
and hammered them and twisted them and made
strange shapes and hung them on the breeze-block walls.


3 comments on “Make Do and Mend”

  1. Really look forward to seeing these – it’s like receiving a beautiful little present – thanks girls 🙂

  2. like this. i saw the rag and bone man loading a bike such as that on and told him that it’s value on ebay would exceed its scrap value. bet it’s gone to the great skip in the sky though 😦

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