Woven Poem for Barnaby Festival 2012

By: ailsaandlisa

Jun 23 2012


Category: patchwork poem, poem


We remember that day in summer… Sitting in town drinking coffee. The sky was pure blue, the Market Place was quiet, we’d only just moved here but already we loved this place, the way you can stand in the middle of the square and see the hills… Sitting in the dappled shade of a tree in South Park, making daisy chains with my girls while baby Heidi slept in the pram beside me… Watching the first Barnaby carnival parade and feeling for the first time that we were part of a greater community… Wandering through the green trees at the Edge, kids with sticks and a wizard’s tea to complete the spell… Chive buds in the garden, shooting upwards like tiny purple paintbrushes, promising potato salads; and giant sunflowers with their golden heads wafting precariously on thin green stalks in the wind… Reading the papers in a field on the edge of Macc Forest, watching two boys and a Jack Russell squeal in an ankle-deep cold stream… Spending a spontaneous, gloriously sunny afternoon at Sutton Hall, getting more and more merry until I fell off the bar stool… Going to the Treacle Market with the streets packed with crowds, a teenager singing with her guitar and the smell of frying burgers in the air… Going up to Tegg’s Nose late one June evening and watching the moon rise, big as a melon, over the distant hills… Hiding from the world at Hare Hill secret garden… Sitting on a grassy mound in South Park watching the swallows scour the twilight air for insects… Walking at the Roaches then eating at The Ship in Wincle where there is neither sea nor seafaring vessel but excellent food and stone cottage beauty… Going to Nikki Nook with my mum and cousins and paddling in the burning sun… Driving along the Cat and Fiddle road when the sky was blue and the hills looked lovely… Listening to my daughter play with her brass band in South Park… Watching a narrowboat glide calmly along the canal past a paddling duck followed by her troop of ducklings… Chasing after a Granelli’s van waiting for it to stop… Lying on my back in a field of long grass looking up at a pure blue sky filled with skylarks going up and up until they became tiny specks and then disappeared leaving only their song… Years later I can still hear it, smell it, feel it and escape to it…


A project for Macclesfield’s Barnaby Festival 2012. The people of Macclesfield, traditionally a town of spinning and weaving, contributed their own summer memories. These were spun into a thread of impressions and written out onto calico strips by Ailsa Holland… then woven with the help of Lisa Williams through the railings of St Michael and All Angels Church, Macclesfield on 23 June 2012.


2 comments on “Woven Poem for Barnaby Festival 2012”

  1. ok so I’m weeping again now and will have to come back to your site another day . . . with a box of tissues

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