By: ailsaandlisa

May 01 2012

Category: free verse, poem


a day of sun

on which the faithful
sturdy shod
through quiet forest
to blasting moor

and are rewarded
by a path
of gritstone slabs
laid out like days
past, or yet to come

we stride out
pass those descending
smile, say hello
wonder if they found
what they were looking for

reach the last rocky climb
to the table top

where paths converge
from Trentabank
Standing Stone

where we stand
and turn
a slow circle

and give thanks to the blue air

for the wind
for our legs
that our lives
have brought us here
to the top of the world


6 comments on “Shutlingsloe”

  1. Amazing poem, Ailsa. Ends beautifully. Had a real sense of the sun and the wind on my cheeks. I was there!

  2. One of your finest I think, really beautiful.

  3. Ailsa – really a privilege to read all of your poems here, and wonderful photographs from you, Lisa, which blend marvellously, and vice versa!

  4. I look forward to more

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