Black Star

By: ailsaandlisa

Jan 13 2012

Category: poem


Smiles, words, began to glow.
Two orbits collided.
There was an explosion
and, unasked, there it was,

blazing, stabbing, choking.
He had to rip it out,
hurl it skywards, light years
away, untouchable.

Invisible, it shines on.
It is not the moon, it
will not make waves. He will
not steer his course by it.

Only one other might
know it exists. And since
she and he do not speak
of it, it is not there.

There is only cold, and
space. No dark heat at all.


2 comments on “Black Star”

  1. That is full of wowishness!

  2. we are all alone … maybe… maybe not
    take care there

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