Autumn Collections

By: ailsaandlisa

Oct 01 2011

Category: free verse, poem


You might think
the New England brand had
cornered the market
and of course it’s still the biggest seller
in global terms
with its glowing fabrics of
sassafras, hickory, maple,
aspen, poplar,

But we also have some powerful labels,
producing compelling colours and lines:
hornbeam, birch,
hazel, acer,

And don’t forget the smaller independents
creating lots of excitement
with their structured silhouettes
of beech and oak,
their floaty boho larch and rowan.

In fact the word for the season is
‘Look Local’.

You’ll be dazzled
by the talent on your doorstep.


3 comments on “Autumn Collections”

  1. Beautiful colours, great poem!

  2. This is my favourite season and your words and pictures sum up why we should be so proud of our natural world, look around you there is beauty everywhere!

  3. Love this, it’s my all time fave, photos are amazing and so is poem, great idea!

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