What I learnt at University

By: ailsaandlisa

Jul 29 2011

Category: free verse, poem


Focal Length:42mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

that a city can be so beautiful
it hurts

that most students survive in one piece
though a few each year get broken

to read and read and read
in huge oak chairs,
while outside the window the tramps
swig QC sherry and swear,
and sing

to bullshit so convincingly
you believe yourself
to have learnt something

to have breakfast with your lover
at Brown’s in the Covered Market;
to drink tea in the afternoon;
to start work when the bar closes

that night
is the best time to write
when rushing life holds its breath

that there are always sad lawyers
in the library
you can get a fag from at 3 am

that literature is an inky ocean
that history is fire

that those great leather books
and carved stone heads
weren’t going to give up their wisdom to me

that love can be
daffodils in a milk bottle


4 comments on “What I learnt at University”

  1. Ailsa, you gave me goosebumps x

  2. like

  3. Ah, my home town! Thanks (from far away)!

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