By: ailsaandlisa

Jul 29 2011

Category: free verse, poem


a shell grew
on the back of her mind
its swirl held many rooms

a garden:
blue sunshine
pulsing with palm trees
trembling with tree ferns
just hidden, the promise of sea

a library:
worn wooden floors
chairs unafraid of wisdom
unsmiling joyful scholars
books and books and no end

a curry house:
furry red walls
carpets insensitive to turmeric
cardamom floating in the air
warm bread, fresh beer

light and light and no trees
as much air as you could want
the high road making birds of us
the stone walls making sense of the world

and in the centre a small space
where she smiled one breath
and went out again


5 comments on “Expatriate”

  1. Changed my mind…. this is my favourite now!

  2. Good choice Lili, this cheeky snail was heading fast towards my spinach.x

  3. Really lovely. Can I post a link on loop face book/ the thread etc?

  4. I lurvvvee the snail!

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