Time Machine

By: ailsaandlisa

Jul 22 2011

Category: free verse, poem


Focal Length:14mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

So there I stand in the kitchen,
with my head still in bed,
getting my Chris Evans happy fix,
stirring pink stuff into milk.
Tea half drunk,
sandwiches not made,
today’s list starting to unroll itself.


I’m giddy on air and Paco Rabanne
I get the same old dreams
plucking petals from daisies
same time every night
surprised by wet pink lipstick kisses
these four walls are closin’ in
we all lie on the grass
look at the fix you put me in
on our backs, on our fronts
I can take the afternoon
gazing at the sky, each other
the night-time comes around too soon
silver ghettoblaster within reach
of a leather sleeve

since you been gone

And then the bread bin, the fridge,
through the window, my garden,
and ‘where’s my pink milk?’.
And I will make the sandwiches
but today my head will be propped up
on my palms in the sunshine

you cast a spell


2 comments on “Time Machine”

  1. I like… ALOT… I see this poem has been inspired entirely by a school morning at our house…. hats off to the ladies! x

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